Information about Mason City

Located in the Cerro Gordo County in Iowa, Mason City is known as the ‘’River City’’ on the American map as it grew up on the Winnebago River. There are many nice and popular landmarks and parks that make this city stand out on the map.


Today’s Mason used to have the name ‘’Shibboleth’’ and it was a region that the natives of Winnebago and Sioux considered as their summer home. That was not the only name this city has so we can find it by Masonic Grove, Shibboleth, and Masonville before Mason City was finally adopted back in 1855. It was named in honor of Mason Long, the son of the founder.

The first store was opened in 1854 and John McMillin was behind this historical event. Dr. Silas Card in the other hand opened exclusively the first ever medical center in this region. The first schoolhouse was established in a log cabin back in 1856 and Lizzie Thompson was in charge. We can see that this town started to develop its services so in 1867 The U.S Post Office Department initiated the town’s service as well. Finally, in 1858 Mason City became the county seat.

Musical heritage

One of the things that make Mason City pretty known is an excellent musical heritage. Many successful musicians, educators, and performers have started their careers here. Meredith Willson is called a ‘’favorite son’’ of Mason City. He grew up here and played in the Symphonic Band as a student. The Music Man was probably the biggest hit of Meredith’s career. Being firstly a very famous and successful musical, this project was framed as well so it turned out to be a very popular film as well. If there is a way to measure the success and quality, Academy Awards would be the perfect method. The Music Man was nominated in six categories and won the Best Musical Score one.


Apart from the entertainment industry we mentioned, Mason City has a lot of potential in many fields for entrepreneurs and employees. It covers various economy sectors, such as Health, Manufacturing, Financial Services, Education, and Technology. As it’s a quite perspective city, it is safe to say that there is no single employer or individual dominating the local market. Instead, there are many groups and rising stars in the business.

Mercy Medical Center-North Iowa, however, is the largest employer. Apart from it, Curries/Graham Company, Principal Financial, the Kraft Foods plant, Cargill Kitchen Solutions and others are very influential in the Mason City.


We can state that at 2010 census the number of population was 28,079 people in total, which is slightly less from the 2000’s census when it was 29,172. The official information states that at the last census, 93.8% of Mason City’s population was White, while 1.8% of the population was of African American race. 0.3% was Native American and 0.9% Asian. The rest of the 1.3% population belonged to other races and 1.9% to two or more races. At last, Latino and Hispanic made 5.1% of Mason City’s population.