Best Parks In Mason City Iowa

Mason City as one of the cities with valuable historical properties, such as Historic Park Inn, the last remaining hotel that Frank Lloyd Wright designed and built, could be considered as a calm city with many places that people can use for their spiritual growth and social events. Now, if you are thinking of peace and quality time you could spend in a good company, what would be the first place you would visit? Generally, nature relates to peace and Mason City has many parks that its citizens and visitors can enjoy regularly!

Here are some of them:

  1. MacNider Campgrounds

This park is located in a quiet and pleasant neighborhood that families frequently enjoy. There is a large aquatics center and several pools for sunny days. You don’t need a reservation to visit this place but you can call the host to get information about availability of specific facilities and they will let you know what they have open. This park also has biking and walking paths and multiple playgrounds. It is very clean as well so in summary: it a great place to relax your mind and spend some quality time with your closest ones or by yourself.


  1. Camp at the Woods

Since 1900 when this park was barely starting to function as one to this day with more than 90 acre family resort, Camp at the Woods was innovated and changed many times. It was formed on Lake George’s shores and today is located on Lake Pleasant that is more than beautiful. Apart from the natural beach of 1,400 foot and 1,300 seat auditorium, visitors can enjoy the sport complex state-of-the-art, a challenge course, tennis courts, zip-line, climbing wall and many more interesting activities. People with different interests visit this park daily. Whether it’s having some private relaxation time, time of spiritual growth or recreation, everyone just finds what they enjoy the most.

Since its 1900 founding, this camp has been providing a cozy environment for individuals, families, and groups that would focus on prayers and Jesus Christ. Today, after more than 100 years, it is still a favorite place of families and individuals, although not with a specific purpose but everyone has their own.

  1. Clear Lake State Park

As the name implies, the park is located around the lake and has nice sceneries and places that everyone can find the comfort in. The playground equipment for children is available too so considering the whole environment, it is a great place for long walks. Whether it’s with your family or by yourself, you can find peace and enjoy the nice view and feeling of this park.


  1. The Lime Creek Nature Center

In 1984, this park was opened as a conservation education facility for North Iowa. It was made inclusively of donations from businesses, private citizens, foundations, and organizations. None of the programs inside this nature center are tax funded because the management relies only on donations and memberships that help them maintain and improve this place. It has open fields, flood-plain forest, restored prairie and limestone bluffs. It is an ideal place for many recreational activities and wildlife, for all the nature lovers.  You can also visit a gift shop and natural resource library while exploring the area.