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Hello fellow Gold Bug! This website will serve as my personal reference of gold products: bars and coins from around the world that I find interesting and unique. Feel free to read through and let me know what your thoughts are. You can always get a hold of me through the Contact Us Page.

If you are like me you are concerned about recent turbulence in the world economy. This is the reason why many new investors take a look at gold  & silver as opposed to the stock market.

Valcambi 100 Gram Gold Bar

One of the finest manufactures of gold bars is the Suisse company Valcambi. Famous for their valcambi_100g_gold_barbreakable combo bars this bar includes a certification called the assay card. It guarantees the authenticity of the bar. It is important to note that when buying gold in this size individuals should be able to independently verify the authenticity of their metal. There is only one gold dealer in Asheville that we recommend. In business over 20 years plus they’re family owned and operated. This shop can sell you the Valcambi bars as well as Engelhard, Pamp Suisse & Johnson Matthey, The total weight of this bar is 3.2 troy oz. Sometimes bars with this hand poured technique can be called “loaf bars”.

The front of the bar has the logo of the company then the weight in grams as well as the purity guarantee. These is also a stamp, similar to what they do with sterling silver, from the Swiss precious metals authority. The back has “Valcambi Suisse” stamped into it. Below is a video of their new Armillary Coins.


New Rolex Calibre 3255 Movement

With its newest generation of mechanical movements Rolex has filed 14 additional patents and setting Calibre_3255a new standard of performance for the watch movement. The Calibre 3255 is an improvement on precision, power reserve, reliability and resistance to the elements such as magnetism and shock. It is also exceptionally easy to adjust for every day use.

The criteria for this watch is twice as required for it to be an official certified chronometer. This movement includes the new Chronenergy escapement presented by Rolex. This escapement uses a high energy efficient mechanics combined with extreme dependability. Crafted from a  nickel-phosophrys metal it is also impervious to magnetic interference. The heart of the watch which is the oscillator has been optimized using the rare blue Parachrom hairspring. This spring is 10 times more precise then similar sized hairsprings and is especially resistant to shock. New design, new mechanics and new operating efficiency extend the power reserve of this watch to a full three days. If put down Friday Evening it can be picked up Monday afternoon and still be running.

The new movement increases precision to be 2X as precise as an official chronometer. 90% New components have been developed. 14 new patents have been filed. The autonomy is listed at 70 hours which is a 50% increase over the Day Date II. The Chronergy escapement increases efficiency by 15%. Increased efficiency and accuracy means that old testing methods do not work. Rolex had to specifically design new tests and statistical models to support the new claims of efficiency and accuracy. This included large scale statistical models that were used to accurately depict daily use situations and then testing.

Calibre 3255 includes a brand new escapement which is at the heart of the new movements improvements. By optimizing the traditional Swiss level escapement Rolex has managed to increase accuracy while using less energy. They revered the length rations between the escape wheel teeth and the pallet stones. These are now only half as thick as before and the contact surface of the wheel teeth has essentially doubled. This allows for the pallet fork and escape wheel to be also made of nickel-phosphorus.